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Testimony and Reviews from Clients


Marc is a very knowledgeable homeopath and healer. He has helped me through significant transformations in my life and has always advised me with integrity and respect.

Dr Agnies Calkoen – GP



Marc is one of the best healers I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. He is a man of great integrity, deep compassion and sharp intuition. I’ve just completed 3 healing sessions with Marc in which we went very deep. The pain and physical symptoms that have plagued me for the last 2 years have dissipated. My life and health have been utterly transformed by his healing, homeopathy and support. I’m left feeling peaceful, safe, confident and filled with joy. Amazing! 

Jan – administrator 



I have had several energy work sessions with Marc. His work is often very gentle and subtle, yet profoundly deep and transformative. He is clearly skilled and long time practiced. When coupled with homeopathy, the results were quite astonishingly visible as my body rid itself of toxins, both energetically and physically. I had been sceptical about homeopathy until working with Marc. His ability to tune into my needs was quite remarkable. This experience convinced me of the healing potential of this amazing medicine.

Luka – massage therapist



I have worked with Marc over many sessions and I cannot recommend his work highly enough. He has balanced me in many ways with his powerful healing techniques, and his work has helped me overcome some real issues in my life. I can safely say that he has changed my life in very positive ways, and anyone receiving healing through Marc is truly blessed. He is a deeply connected and intuitive healer and the energy work that he does is astonishingly powerful. I would recommend his healing and homeopathy services to anyone.

Holland Risley – IT executive



Chronic Pain

Marc you worked a miracle yesterday! My right leg is for the first time in 41 years straight and lying in union with my left leg. I still have the dropped foot, but the alignment will certainly take the pain and strain from my body. I cannot thank you enough.

Theresa – retired



Hormones and Chronic Pain

I have been working with Marc to address a health issue which has involved hormone imbalance and periods of chronic pain. As well as taking the homeopathic remedies Marc has recommended, the process has involved identifying, understanding and releasing the reasons why my health issue has occurred.

It has been a hugely challenging but incredibly empowering experience so far and Marc’s vast experience of homeopathy and healing techniques have allowed me to trust in the process. I have had a significant improvement in my physical and emotional well-being since working with Marc including the return of my menstrual cycle which had almost disappeared. I feel stronger than ever, and know my health will continue to improve.

Sarah – teacher



Marc was highly recommended by a leading health practitioner when I was going through a very difficult time, battling various long-standing health issues as well as bereavement. Marc is a truly gifted healer – insightful, sympathetic and sensitive.

The healing is very powerful and has profound, positive effects on all levels. I feel powerful energies during the healing and immediate improvement afterwards (physically, mentally and emotionally) as well as positive cumulative effects over time.




I had 3 sessions with Marc each beginning with a chat around how I feel and what I need, following by the healing session. 

I found the initial talking very, very helpful to understand my pain better. Marc was very good in asking deep questions and in leading me to feel what I have not felt before. 

After the healing session, he would share his experience through email which was again very helpful for me in order to connect to different parts of my body and becoming more sensitive to energy.

Leela – teacher



Each session with Marc brought big transformation and great insight. I deeply appreciate the understanding, integrity, and empowerment he brings into the sessions.

Andreea – massage therapist



I started seeing Marc for Homeopathy advice and Energy Healing. His understanding and advice around the issues I have been experiencing have been profound. I consistently felt energised and encouraged following our sessions.

Tamson – psychologist



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