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Reconnect Magazine # 53


This is an article I wrote for RECONNECT MAGAZINE in January 2018.


Relationships define us… Our relationships with other people, with the world around us and with ourselves. 


Marc Blausten, who founded The School of Energy Healing, explained that when we interact with people, there is an exchange of energy. We start to create Relationship Cords, which can become twisted and entangled. Some of his work involves healing and smoothing tangled relationship cords. He tells Reconnect…


RELATIONSHIP CORDS normally go from the chakra of one person to the Chakra of the other, and have the shape of a rope made up of many fibres. A energy fibre is created whenever there is an interaction, communication or shared experience. The more long-lasting or intimate a relationship is, the stronger the bond will be.



relationship cord healing

Relationship Cords


Our first relationship cords are formed in childhood with our parents and family. This sets up our basic patterns of transference and ego defence. Early experiences teach us that love is often conditional, and that in order be accepted we need to regulate our behaviour in relation to certain people.


In the same way that water flows down the path of least resistance, energy will flow down the already established route. So when we meet a new person there will be a tendency for the energy to flow down the existing parental cord, creating expectations and evoking habitual patterns of behaviour. Interestingly these patterns can be accessed through the relationship cords.


Healthy, caring interactions create cords that are brightly coloured with positive emotions, and the energy flows equally between the people involved. However, negative intention towards another person creates cords that can be misshapen or twisted, dull in colour and entangled with co-dependency hooks and transference. This can have a huge impact upon someone’s physical health, as many issues can be traced back to traumatic experiences within early relationships.


Energy Healing works in the structure of the Relationship Cords to heal with these patterns of transference and dysfunction. As we heal these formative relationships with family, our present day relationships tend to also become more healthy and loving.



Marc Blausten has 30 years experience with Homeopathy and Energy Healing. He was clinical director at The College of Practical Homeopathy in the 90s, one of the first people in the UK to graduate from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing ® (USA) and was founder of The School of Energy Healing (UK)



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