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Marc Blausten  LCHom, MARH, BHSP, FIEH, BCMA

  • LCHom - License College of Homeopathy (London 1991)
  • MARH - Member Association Registered Homeopaths
  • BHSP - Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (Barbara Brennan School of Healing - USA 1998)
  • FIEH - Member Foundation of Integrated Energy Healing
  • BCMA - Member British Complementary Medical Association

After graduating from the College of Homeopathy (London), I went on to India for post graduate studies. I had the experience there of treating up to 300 patients a day. I was also teaching modern prescribing methods at University Hospitals in New Delhi.


On returning from this adventure I was asked to become the Clinical Director of The College of Practical Homeopathy in the West Midlands, UK (1991-99). This involved setting up three student clinics, and being responsible for the final year of training.


I'm always curious about what more can be done to help people and have been innovative in the use of homeopathy to treat modern illness’s. I developed various new remedies and protocols, particularly for detoxifying from modern day pollutants.

In search of more direct and deeper ways of working, I graduated from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing ® in the USA in 1998.


This four year programme is the most thorough training that was available. Every level of the energy field was explored, with appropriate healing methods and techniques for each aspect of consciousness.


Equal emphasis was placed on practitioner development, as well as learning the healing techniques. As part of this process we were required to go through a process of rigorous self inquiry and personal healing. It was a deep journey into The Wounded Healer. This was a life changing experience and I felt that I had found my purpose.

I was then inspired to create The School of Energy Healing Educational Trust in the UK. This was a three year course that taught a synthesis of many techniques and approaches to Health and Healing.


The training offered a wide range of Energy Healing techniques that work within the Human Energy Field or Aura. Principles from many disciplines were incorporated including ; Oriental Medicine and QiGong, Meditation, Body Psychology and  Naturopathy. This course was running for 14 years until 2012.

And Also...

I have also studied various other healing modalities including;

  • ANIMAL HEALING .........

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