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Infinite OM - Cathartic Sound Healing Workshop


INFINITE OM is a group healing process that has evolved over the last 18 years, and has been described by participants over and again as the single most potent and transformative experience that they have ever had!

We come together in circle and use our voices to make sound continuously for between 6 - 12 hours. This process releases layer after layer of defensive armouring and held trauma. When our defences have relaxed, we become open and naturally connected with Source.


Sound Healing

There are 2 types of Sound Healing. The first is via a process of 'entrainment' when we are washed with high vibrational sounds from various instruments such as gongs, crystal bowls, tuning forks, singing etc. This has the effect of uplifting and tuning our energy field so that we become aligned and in harmony with ourselves and the world. Our consciousness is at a higher level. However the benefit of this type of healing is generally quite temporary as it does not address the underlying issues of what we are carrying that pulls us out of this higher consciousness.


The second type of Sound Healing is 'Resonance'. This is when a sound is made that has a resonant frequency with a blockage in our energy field. If the resonant frequency is directed towards this obstruction to the flow of vital energy, it has the effect of breaking up and dispersing it. Like an opera singer shattering a glass. As every blockage has a unique frequency, the only way to find the resonance is with the most versatile of all instruments - the human voice!


These impediments are made up mostly of old, unexpressed emotional energy. This stagnant energy festers inside of us creating dis-harmony, and eventually illness. As these blockages are out of harmony with the rest of our energy field, the resonant sound that will dislodge them tends to be out of harmony - or 'dissonant'. In other words a painful sound to release the stuck pain. Expressing and releasing this old energy frees up space in our being to be able to embody more light and consciousness.



The Process

We begin with setting SACRED SPACE by sharing our PRAYERS and INTENTIONS.


CHAKRA TONING. This is a way to warm up the voice, and tune into what is inside of ourselves.

FREE SOUNDING. This is when we set the juice loose! Any and all sounds happening simultaneously in the group. This is a very liberating process. In the resulting spontaneity all manner of stuck and toxic emotions can be released. Laughing, crying, shouting, whooping, wailing, moaning, grunting, growling, roaring.....

The process slowly grows in intensity until we are drumming and dancing and sounding our way to freedom!

HEART TONE. After this big release it is time to fill up with the higher vibrations of love and light. It becomes a choir of angels as we fill our wounds with love and light by making the heart sound together.

GONG BATH. This is the time to lie back after all of the work, and receive a final washing and alignment of our energy field.

SILENCE. After all of the sound this is the most exquisite silence. A time for integration, realisations and gratitude.

CELEBRATION. With sacred music sing-along and Dance!


Afterwards there is yummy vegan food, and time to chill and connect with the others that have shared the journey.

And more music.....




We are in the process of arranging a schedule of events to begin in the Autumn 2017.

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