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Energy Healing Techniques


There are many different energy healing techniques.

A typical healing session would use several of these techniques to work in different ways in different parts of the aura. In this way the greatest effect can be made in a short time.


This is a list of the main techniques that I use.



This is an in depth clean and re-tune of the entire chakra system. It works through all of the layers of the energy field to identify and clear blockages, and renew with healthy vibrant energy.



Healing unresolved issues from past relationships. Includes healing of formative relationships from childhood with parents and siblings. These are the patterns which tend to play out for the rest of our lives in our current relationships. With Relationship Cord Healing we can escape from the habits of projection and transference.



Aligns the three energy centres of the Intention Line - Hara, Soul Seat and Identification Point. Once our ‘ego self’ is in alignment with our ‘higher self’ our life purpose naturally unfolds. Works deeply into the spine, and also helps to correct posture.



We all carry the stagnant energy of unprocessed emotions and traumas from our past. This causes us to live in repeating patterns of illusion and separation. By clearing these blocks in the energy field we can be liberated to live in the present time.



The Astral is where all of our memories are stored, and as such provides an access to energetic imprints from the past which can be cleared and healed. Helps us to realise that we are no longer defined by our past experiences once they have been released.



Most of our beliefs about the world, and therefore how we experience it, are created when we were children. The childish conclusions that we make about the world have a very big impact on the rest of our lives. For example a belief of 'I'm not safe' can lead to chronic anxiety and illness as an adult. This healing method takes us back to the key formative events of our childhood to bring healing and realisation.



This is where forgotten or lost parts of ourself can be reclaimed by going through a journey on the Astral back to the points of trauma. This releases the patterning at it’s origins, and resolution can be found.



There can be damage in the structured parts of the energy field caused by traumas, injuries, surgery etc. Auric Surgery repairs and ‘combs’ into place the lines of light that make up the structured levels of the energy field.



Working within the five element system of Oriental Medicine to clean, balance and energize the organ systems of the body (liver, spleen, heart, lungs, kidneys) Also clears the accumulations of emotional toxins that lodge in the vital organs.



This is very thorough work going through the spine one vertebra at a time to clean and realign.



Working with voice to create resonance which deep cleans and aligns the energy field. Like an opera singer breaking a wine glass, a healer makes a sound that is a resonant frequency to an energy block and causes it to break up and disperse.
Instruments such as gongs, crystal bowls and shamanic drumming can be used to enhance the process.



All of these healing techniques can be done very effectively at a distance to anywhere in the world.