Worldwide Distance Healing


The majority of my clients receive Distance Healing with online video consultations, and live in all corners of the world. From Europe, America, Asia and every part of the UK. At one time I had about a dozen clients in Singapore! The fact that all of these came by referral is testament to the positive experiences that people have when receiving Energy Healing at a distance.


It is very convenient to have sessions when you can simply relax at home to receive! There is no travel, and the flexible times make it easy.


A typical session begins with some time talking and connecting vey video call. This is a time to describe your condition and share about the difficulties in your life. This helps to understand what is going on for you, and how we can approach the healing. I then go into meditation and do the energy work while you lie down and relax. Afterwards I send an email report with a brief description of what happened during the healing, plus any explanations or advise. Homeopathic Remedies can then be sent in the post.


It is interesting to compare what happens during a ‘distant’, and a ‘hands-on’ healing session. Obviously there is the element of touch and presence which is missing when working from a distance. However I have found that there are advantages as well. While working at a distance I’m sitting alone in my meditation. Without any distractions I can go into a deeper trance, which facilitates working more profoundly into the energy field.


I have a very pragmatic approach to healing work. It doesn’t matter much what the experience was. What matters is how it effects lasting positive change in someone’s life, health and wellbeing. My experience of 1,000’s of clients is that the results are almost the same whether working in person or at a distance.


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Science Demonstrates Distant Healing with MRI Scans

Chronic Back Pain

It was a very physically transformative experience. The rejuvenation of my basic structure seemed to start in my lumbar/pelvic zone, then down my legs, and huge relief in my ankles. Lots of jiggling in my leg as they adjusted to their new alignment. 

I felt like I was suspended in space as the work progressed, allowing me the freedom to move and stretch to accommodate the changes as they unfolded. It felt amazingly freeing and I found myself moving in all directions easily and lightly even as I was lying down. I was stretching my arms out with freedom and ease and revelling in my new found pain-free range of movement.

A huge inner smile became a happy carefree laughter rippling through me. 

I experienced it as if  we were in the same room.

Marjorie - Australia

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