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Conditions Seen


Let’s look at some of the common health conditions seen in the clinic. Both Homeopathy and Energy Healing are suitable for all types of physical and mental health issues at all stages of life – from childhood to old age.

From serious chronic and acute conditions, to traumatised emotional states, to support through times of stress and change. There are many things that can be done to help most situations in a natural way.

These natural treatments support the individual’s ability to heal themselves regardless of the diagnosis that might have been given. Therefore it is not the disease that is treated, but rather the individual’s level of vitality that is boosted, and blockages cleared, so that they can then heal themselves.

Having said that, a lot of people do come with an existing diagnosis. Therefore to help with understanding what happens in the clinic, here is a list of the more common ailments that people seek help for:


Anxiety * Panic Attacks * Post Traumatic Stress

Depression * Bereavement * Dementia * Insomnia

Addictions * Eating Disorders * Obesity

History of Abuse * OCD

Irritable Bowel * Stomach Ulcers * Colitis * Diverticulitis

Indigestion * Constipation * Bloating * Gas * Haemorrhoids

Menstrual Issues * PMS * Cysts * Fibroids * Endometriosis

UTI & Cystitis * Candida * Thrush * Fungus

Menopause * Hot Flushes

Prostate * Erectile Dysfunction

Thyroid * Endocrine

Adrenal Exhaustion * Burn Out

Chronic Fatigue * ME * Glandular Fever

Immunity * Recurrent Infections * Ear-Nose-Throat

Asthma * Hay Fever * Allergies * Food Intolerances

Skin Conditions * Eczema * Acne * Warts * Herpes * Burns

Blood Pressure * Cholesterol * Anaemia * Varicose Veins

Headaches * Migraines * Frozen Shoulder * Back Ache

Arthritis * RSI * Injuries * Chronic Pain

Fertility * Pregnancy * Birth * Post Natal Depression * Scars & Adhesions

Childhood Tantrums * Bedwetting * Nightmares

ADD/ADHD * Learning Difficulties * Adolescents & Teens

Mystery Illness’s and Conditions * Undiagnosable Symptoms