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Coaching For Healers

These sessions are open to practitioners of all therapies that involve energy work.



There is a saying that we use 20% of our skills and knowledge for 80% of the clients, and then need the other 80% of our knowledge for the 20% remaining more complicated cases!


What this means is that with only a small amount of skills and experience we can help a lot of people. However to be able to help the people who are really sick requires a lifetime of learning and continuing development.



Case Studies and Development of Healing Skills

In the end our greatest teachers are our clients. It is our sense of commitment to them that motivates us to continue learning and growing in our skills. This is especially true when someone is stuck and not improving as we would like. Then we are called to dig deeper, and find that which will make the difference.


So by bringing a difficult or stuck case to a Coaching Session there is an opportunity to discuss and get some fresh insights as to how to approach the situation. There can also be some tuition on the finer points of energy work. The client benefits, and you improve in your abilities.


Overcoming blocks and Shadow Work

Our clients are also our mirrors. They reveal to us our own personal issues, and the ways in which we are stuck within ourselves as practitioners. Especially when there is a difficulty in understanding what is going on, or in being able to effect a positive change. This is an indication that there is an issue in our own shadow for us to heal. So our own healing journey can get a real boost from the insights and personal process that unfolds by bringing cases for coaching.


It is often true that ‘we teach what we need to learn’. In the same way clients often come to us with that which we need to heal in ourselves. It is extraordinary to see how at different times in our life we attract clusters of people with similar issues. This can be a big hint from the universe that there is something that we need to look at within ourselves! And then the magic often happens that as we find the solution for ourselves, that we can then hold space for our client to do the same. One of the rewards for doing this work is that as we give healing, we are also receiving healing.



Healthy Business

Being an effective healer is one thing, however being able to earn a living from it requires an entirely different skill set! Like any self employment there is the need for some basic business skills, on top of the actual professional skills, in order to be able to generate an income. In addition, there also needs to be a degree of confidence and self worth. Coaching can help you to believe in yourself and your abilities, so that you can take your gifts out into the world and make a difference.


During the 1990’s Homeopathy was becoming popular and a lot of Homeopathic Colleges were springing up in the UK. These courses were great at teaching homeopathy, but then there were all these skilled graduates who didn’t know how to be in business, and had to go back to a regular job to earn a living. This seemed quite tragic as the homeopaths had invested so much in their training, and the public were missing out on top natural health care. My response to this situation was to set up a 6 week post graduate course called ‘Healthy Business’ to get homeopaths out there and working.



Individual Sessions

There are two options for an Individual Coaching Session.


The first involves discussion of the issues you are bringing to gain insight and guidance. This is a powerful process, and can be deeply revealing of our own patterns of counter transference onto the client, and what we project onto the situation. As healers it is important that we are as clear as possible, and don’t impose our own stories onto our clients. There is also the opportunity for healing technique tuition, and practitioner development.


The second option is to add an Energy Healing session to work more deeply with what has come up for you. We can work to clear the blocks that have become revealed, and align with a higher truth.


£60 for 1 hour coaching
£80 for 1.5 hours coaching and Energy Healing.

These sessions can be done via Skype.



coaching for healers

Healer Support Group


These groups provide support and guidance in our calling to be healers.

There are proposals for groups in London, and in the South East.


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